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International Online Exam Center ( IOEC )

For appearing in April 2024 online exam through International Online Exam Centre of ABGMV Mandal, Mumbai.

Instructions for Filling up Online Examination Form April 2024

1. Introduction

  • ABGMV Mandal works for the promotion and propagation of Indian Classical Music and Dances throughout India & Abroad. At present, Mandal conducts music exams through its various affiliated Exam Centers in India as well as Abroad.
  • Now, we take immense pleasure in announcing the opening of Online International Exam Center of ABGMV Mandal, Mumbai,
  • This Online International Center has came in to effect from April 2022 Session and will be active in both April and Nov Session. Name & Center Code of this Center is: International Online Exam Centre, Mumbai, Centre Code: 1186 ( IOEC )

2. Available for Whom - For Abroad & Indian Students

  • Online International Exam Center is available for all such students – in India as well as Abroad – who wish to appear for Online ( practical & theory ) exams – due to unavailability of any Exam Center in their Country / State / Nearby Area.
  • Any Indian Resident Student – who wants to avail the facility of Online Exams must choose this Online International Center – while submitting their online exam form. Please note that Online Exam Facility will be available ONLY on this centre.

4. Exam Fees Structure For 1186 – IOEC

  • Exam Fees must be paid in Indian Rupee Currency - through the ONLINE FORM SUBMISSION Link only.
  • Fees must not be paid / transferred separately to any other Bank Account.
  • Please refer the Exam Fee Chart given below:
Sr. No. Name of Exam Exam Fees in INR
1 Prarambhik Rs. 6,000/-
2.1 Praveshika Pratham ( Regular ) Rs. 6,000/-
2.2 Praveshika Pratham ( Direct ) Rs. 7,850/-
3.1 Praveshika Poorna ( Regular ) Rs. 6,000/-
3.2 Praveshika Poorna ( Direct ) Rs. 9,700/-
4.1 Madhyama Pratham ( Regular ) Rs. 7,400/-
4.2 Madhyama Pratham ( Direct ) Rs. 14,800/-
5 Madhyama Poorna Rs. 7,400/-
6.1 Visharad Pratham ( Regular ) Rs. 11,100/-
6.2 Visharad Pratham ( Direct ) Rs. 18,500/-
7 Visharad Poorna Rs. 11,100/-
8.1 Alankar Pratham Rs. 16,400/-
8.2 Alankar Poorna Rs. 16,400/-

5. Rules for filling up Exam Form

  • Age criteria, Direct Exam, One year Gap, Exemption, Repeater Candidate and all other eligibility criterions of Exam will be the same as applicable to all other students appearing for Mandal Exams.
  • Language of Answer: Language of Answer ( for written and practical exam ) will be either English OR Hindi language only.

6. Maharashtra SSC Board (10th) Grace Marks Facility - Not available for 1186 IOEC Online exams

  • Students from Maharashtra State, who wish to appear through 1186 – IOEC center, must note that the facility of Maharashtra SSC Board Grace Marks for 10th standard students – will not be available for students appearing from 1186 International ONLINE Exam Center.
  • Students who wish to avail the facility of SSC grace marks – must submit their exam form through any OFFLINE Exam Center in India.

7. Submitting Scanned copy of Exam Form to 1186 IOEC Center

  • After filling the online exam form, student must take a print-out of exam form, affix his/ her signature on the form, take the signature and registration number stamp of registered Teacher ( of respective subject) on the exam form, and thereafter submit the scanned copy of exam form to 1186 IOEC center on email address - ioec@abgmvm-exam.org within 10 days from the date of filling the online exam form.
  • Students who fail to submit the exam form to the IOEC center will unfortunately miss their exams and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

8. Fees Refund Policy

  • ABGMV Mandal’s exam policy states that, exam fees once paid by the student is not refundable, for any reason at any circumstances.

9. Online Exam Date and Time-Table

  • Exam Time-table will be uploaded on the website. It is the responsibility of student to check the website and personally remain in touch with the Exam Center ( through email ) for getting exam related information.
  • Theory exam date and timing ( according to Indian Standard Time ) will be the same for all students. Theory date and timing will not be altered or changed for any reason. Student will have to remain present on the given date and time for theory and practical exam.

10. Required Technical Infrastucture

  • Students who choose Online International Exam Center – for online exams must have the necessary technical set up such as – desktop computer or laptop with wide screen, strong internet connection, web-camera to view the student properly from all angles, audio speakers with good volume so that the student and examiner are clearly audible to each other etc.

11. Contact Number & Email ID of Online International Exam Center

  • IOEC, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India : + 91–8657404920
  • Deputy Registrar, Miraj Office, India : +91-7722098408
  • Email : ioec@abgmvm-exam.org ( Vashi, Navi Mumbai Office )
I accept and agree to all the rules and regulations described above.